Glosso Circuit 2.0 press release

Glosso Circuit 2.0 press release

Given the heavy rain and the very poor condition of our circuit and spectator car parkings, we have been forced to cancel our race for the BRX Championship on 23 April 2023. We have decided to move this competition for the BRX to the weekend of 10-11 June 2023.

Modified calendar for the remainder of the season:

  • 20-21 May 2023 VAS competitions
  • 10-11 June 2023 BRX competition
  • 8-9 July 2023 BRX competition
  • 29-30 July 2023 club competition
  • 12-13 August 2023 BRX competition
  • 2-3 September 2023 VAS competitions
  • 14-15 October 2023 club competition

To create a full-fledged VAS championship, we are going to set up a competition on Saturday and one on Sunday during both VAS weekends. So, two games per weekend.


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